Shane Coughlan confirmed for keynote!

shane coughlan, FOSS, keynote, OPen Source, governance

We are very excited to introduce our first keynote: Shane Coughlan!

Shane is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history, establishing the leading professional network of Open Source legal experts and aligning stakeholders to launch both the first law journal and the first law book dedicated to Open Source. He currently leads the OpenChain community as Project Director.
Shane has extensive knowledge of Open Source governance, internal process development, supply chain management and community building. His experience includes engagement with the enterprise, embedded, mobile and automotive industries.

Enjoy the abstract from his opening keynote 'Complex Made Simple: Governance in Open Source':

Open source has always been about more than code. It is about how people work together and what they can accomplish as a community. Governance, or shared understanding of process and rules, became more important when open source scaled beyond small groups who knew each other well. Today we have a global community represented by many cultures using many languages. To accomplish this we have developed simple, understandable and effective governance structures. This talk will dive into the key principles that work for the real world.

Thank you so much for being on board, Shane!