Sat down in front of my computer, most of the time...

50+, and (still) running.

13 years involved in The ASF (former chairman of Directory, MINA), member since 2008.

Started to work in IT in 1988, but still have a bit of common sense. Survived 3 waves of IA BS. First position in a support team. Moved to do some X.400 dev. Worked as an architect for years to pay some bills. Created my own company in 2000 (could have been worse : 2008). More architect jobs. Switched to OSS in 2005, made less money, had way more fun.

Mainly involved in LDAP, Security and I/O. Server side developer.

Like compilers. Not a fan of Scala, Javascript (who is ???), buzzwords.

Father of a 1 years old and trying to get her far from my computer, as much as possible...