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Your perfect Berlin Buzzwords schedule

Berlin Buzzwords not only has a fantastic speaker line up. There are also several events taking place before and after the conference that you should not miss. To make chosing easier we have decided to present you with a schedule for the perfect visit to Berlin Buzzwords:

Arrive early

You should arrive early: With summer finally in the city it is time to go for a tour through the city. Get to see the main sights, but do not miss to grab a Berlin local and get him or her to show you the authentic side of Berlin. Eat the best burger in town at Burgermeister, spend the day in one of the many local centers, enjoy warm evenings close to the water e.g. at one of the many beaches.


If you are meeting friends the weekend before Buzzwords and want to invite other Berlin Buzzwords participants , make sure to announce when and where you meet on our list of local meetups. Consider adding yourself to the public attendee list to make organising meetups easier.

If you are interested in science, the Long Night of Science takes place on Saturday evening starting 5p.m. - why not have a look at the high performance compute cluster at Zuse Institut Berlin?

If you have registered for our Berlin Buzzwords Barcamp get to newthinking store on Sunday evening to meet interesting people, listen to fascinating talks and attend the party sponsored by Soundcloud afterwards.

Monday/ Tuesday

On Monday the conference opens its doors at 8:30a.m. with the opening session starting at 9. In the evening grab one of the Berlin locals or get the directions to Friedrichshain and head over to one of the most vibrant districts of the city.

On Tuesday sessions start at 9 - do not miss the keynote of Pieter Hintjens in the morning! If you are staying until Wednesday grab some friends and enjoy the city after all talks are over.


If you are staying in town after the conference, consider taking part in the Apache Dinner on Wednesday evening - contact Torsten Curdt for more details on that. In addition you can book Apache Hadoop trainings by Cloudera. If you are more interested in the general topic of free software book a ticket for Berlin Linuxtag. If you would like to learn more about subversion: The Subversion days are in town right after Berlin Buzzwords. Or simply enjoy the city and relax.